Lumin Living: Discover What the 6 Pillars of Wellness Could Mean for You

If you’re among the 88.5 million Americans who will be aged 65 or older by 2050 – a number that will double the recorded 40.3 million in 2010 – you’re likely not alone in wondering about healthy aging and how to continue enjoying a quality lifestyle for years to come. For one expert in the field, the simple answer to “successful” aging is lifestyle.

Dr. Roger Landry, MD, MPH, has dedicated his life to building a foundation for resilience that all people can live by. According to Dr. Landry’s “Live Long, Die Short,” true resilience allowing you to live your best life every day is “achieved by deliberate attention to not just one or two of the components that make us human, but all of them” (2014). Dr. Landry’s philosophy is the foundation for Lumin Living, a lifestyle platform offered at Revel Lodi in Lodi, California. Offering a collection of experiences based on the six pillars of wellness, residents have access and opportunities to achieve peak physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and occupational health.

Just keep moving

The simple act of moving keeps you “moveable” and that matters more and more as we age.

Movement—walking, bicycling, jogging, dancing—provides the foundation for physical strength, endurance, and above all, health. Despite this, 80 percent of American adults do not meet the government’s national physical activity recommendation, and 45 percent of adults are not sufficiently active to achieve health benefits..

Landry’s research suggests those who practice intentional movement throughout their lives, and in their older years, are less likely to experience severe health conditions associated with age including angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, less cognitive function, physical frailty, stiff joints and stroke. Lumin Living will help you focus on physical wellbeing by providing opportunities to get you moving and keep you moving.

Brain games – use it or lose it

Science has found that challenging your brain reaps huge rewards. For decades, it was widely believed that the process of aging made the brain less flexible. Research proves that neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to grow, change, and rewire—lasts well into old age. But neuroplasticity is only as good as the activities that engage it. If you don’t provide your brain with the challenges needed to grow and regenerate, your brain function will decline. Through Lumin Living, residents at Revel Lodi can focus on their intellectual wellbeing and challenge themselves to think outside the box, learn new information and skills, and keep their cognitive brain skills as sharp as possible.

Be where you are

Connecting to something bigger than yourself nourishes vitality. Part of enhancing spiritual wellbeing is taking the time to experience the present; rather than focusing on to-do lists, stopping to experience and enjoy a sunset can make all the difference in the aging process. Research indicates that those with higher quality spiritual life experiences are better able to manage the other areas of their wellbeing on their own well into old age. Lumin Living offers opportunities for residents at Revel Lodi to focus on their spiritual wellbeing while deepening their relationships to something larger through meaningful connections.

Laughter as medicine

Medical and mental health professionals agree: stress is a silent killer. As one ages, their stressors change, but stress still is a part of life. And taking on too much stress, whether good or bad, can over-activate the immune system. It turns out that of all the available stress medications, laughter just might rise to the top as the best medication of all. Research indicates that being able to focus on helping others to cheer up, or letting things go with a laugh can have a profound positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. At Revel Lodi, the Lumin Living lifestyle platform focuses on creating experiences for residents to connect with themselves and with others in ways that reduce stress and create joy in life.

Keep giving

Giving back to the community is a critical way in which many people find their purpose and life’s greater meaning, which positively impacts their wellbeing. In fact, volunteering directly translates to individual health benefits, like lower mortality rates, lower rates of depression in later adulthood, and greater functional ability. The experiences and opportunities offered by Lumin Living  keep residents at Revel Lodi engaged with the community through work, volunteer efforts and mentorship.

Curiosity might be bad for cats but it’s great for people

Engaging with those around you keeps you open and curious. Being alone has its benefits, like finding time to reconnect with yourself, nature, or a good book. But the need to connect to others is as fundamentally important to our wellbeing as the need for food and water. Aging makes social connections even more important. Research has found that the stimulation provided by social contact directly correlates with mental and physical health.

Six pillars of wellness

The importance of focusing deliberate attention on all six pillars of wellness cannot be ignored. No one area of health and wellness is mutually exclusive, meaning that all areas of wellness in aging are impacted by each other. Lumin Living was founded on the these pillars with the goal of increasing wellbeing through opportunities to connect with, understand, and enjoy time with neighbors, friends, and family in environments that challenge and excite the mind.

This collection of valuable and rewarding experiences provides the tools and resources for creating and maintaining a high-quality life every day for the rest of your fulfilling life.



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