Amenities that Matter: Enjoy the Life You Deserve

Choosing to move from your home is a big decision, and selecting the right 55 plus community in Lodi can make a big difference. If you’re looking for more fulfilling amenities and a resort-quality lifestyle, you’re in good company. According to an AARP livability report, most people aged 50+ look for things like access to public transportation, green spaces, and food and dining options when considering places to live and thrive.

The amenities offered at Revel Lodi, an independent living community, are part of a unique approach to aging well. In order to help you stay engaged and curious, our philosophy focuses on six pillars of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and occupational. Let’s explore further:

Wellness options around every corner that keep you young, vibrant, and engaged.

Active aging means healthy aging, and if you’re into active living, you’ve got more in common with other seniors than you may think. A University of Florida study reports the most popular activities amongst seniors include gardening, bicycling, tennis, swimming, golf, and exercise classes. But living well is about more than just doing the activities you love. A recent study of avid cyclists as old as age 79 found that in some ways, the bodies of active older adults may not age at all when compared to people as young as age 20.

Their outward body health was comparable to non-exercisers between ages 20 and 36, and immune and muscle function was comparable to non-exercisers at least 30 years younger than the respondents. Revel Lodi offers active living options around every corner, from a swimming pool and community gardens, to yoga classes and a state-of-the-art fitness studio. With a multitude of wellness activities at your doorstep, you’ll never have to worry about opportunities to socialize, energize, or re-center yourself.

A lock-and-leave lifestyle that encourages, and allows, you to get up and go.

If to you, living well means traveling more, you’re not alone. According to an AARP travel study, 49% of baby boomers travel to relax and rejuvenate, and 96% will take at least one trip every year with most averaging four to five adventures annually. A lock-and-leave lifestyle, like that available at Revel Lodi, will allow you to explore the world at your own pace, without having to worry about yard maintenance, housekeeping, watering the plants, or the security of your home and belongings.

Exciting and exceptional foods at on-location restaurants.

Research from the National Institutes of Health proves that diet quality has a significant impact on living well; as you change with age, so too do your tastes in food, and your nutritive requirements. Living at home doesn’t always provide access to the full breadth of food and nutrition choices that are available in a unique 55+ community like Revel Lodi which offers multiple dining experiences and celebrity chef-designed menus. Having flexibility to choose whether you cook at home or dine in a restaurant designed around your preferences and your needs is one of the key steps to living well.

Transportation services that get you where you need to go.

No matter where you live, access to reliable transportation can give you additional freedom. According to FamilyCare America, around 8.4 million seniors in America currently depend on other people for their transportation, but that doesn’t mean they are all getting the help that they need. An AARP study reports that 10% of people aged 60+ feel isolated due to a lack of public transportation, and an even higher 17% feel isolated because they do not have a car or no longer drive.

Whether you want to pass off the responsibility of driving on occasion, or you’re no longer driving out of necessity, Revel Lodi provides full access to the transportation services you want. With the right transportation options, getting to the doctor, the supermarket, or the golf course is all made easy.

Housekeeping services that leave your home clean while you focus on living.

Living the life you deserve means focusing on the things that bring you the most joy, and chances are, your happiest moments aren’t when you’re cleaning your house. A survey by Better Homes and Gardens reports that cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming are among the most hated household tasks. Who wouldn’t want to be free of that?

Giving up these household chores, even occasionally, can give you back the free time needed to do things you truly enjoy. Imagine replacing cleaning a bathroom and kitchen with two hours poolside and still coming home to a clean house! It’s possible at Revel Lodi, where our focus is on freeing up your time to let you live the life you desire.

Guest suites that help you keep your family close.

Being close to loved ones throughout your life has amazing health and wellness benefits. AARP conducted a study which found that 47% of people aged 60+ may sometimes feel lonely because family members live too far away. Having a spare room and living in a great location provides a great reason for your family come to you. Revel Lodi offers guest suites for rent at a per night charge, just like a hotel, giving your family the option to visit whenever they want without worrying where they will stay.

Living the life you want starts by selecting the perfect independent living community in Lodi. At Revel Lodi, you can get all of the amenities you desire to enjoy the life you deserve.



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